Plate Heat Exchanger

As a global technology leader in the design and manufacturing of plate heat exchangers, our product range is one of the most extensive on the market, from gasketed to brazed, to welded plate heat exchangers, our product spectrum also includes a range of process-optimized models, which are unique in number and special functions. This makes us an absolute specialist when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions for your applications

Plate heat exchangers, also known as plate coolers, are used to transfer heat between two media - for example fluids, which are separated from another via a solid wall. The plate heat exchanger consists of different heat transfer plates that are screwed, brazed or welded together by laser.

The heat exchanger’s individual transfer plates are arranged in packages, which form flow gaps through which the hot and cold media alternately flow. This enables the thermal energy to transfer from one medium to the other. Here it´s essential that the two media are securely sealed off to not mix. Whenever the heat exchanging media flow in opposite directions, as is usually the case, we speak of the countercurrent principle. Otherwise, the parallel flow principle. Here, a special corrugation of the transfer plates ensures a highly turbulent flow behavior.

In principle, our plate heat exchangers function similarly. Depending on the purpose for which the heat exchanger is needed, they may differ in configuration, structure and materials used.
Further examples of application areas are:
• Heating technology, e.g. Under-floor heating, Solar systems or DHW heating
• Industry, e.g. Power Plants or in Chemical Plants or in Oil & Gas or Pharmaceutical
• Food Technology, e.g. for Cooling / Heating milk or for Pasteurizing of Juice, Beer, Milk
• Refrigeration and Cooling Technology, e.g. as a Condenser or Evaporator