Shell & Tube Re-Tubing

Inspection, Servicing & Cleaning
We offer complete servicing for shell & tube heat exchangers and condensers. We start by providing an inspection, report and quotation. Following this, we can provide a full service for your heat exchanger, which can include de-assembly, cleaning (ultrasonically, chemically or mechanically) and re-assembly. Our service is then followed by a pressure test and the issue of a works test certificate or third-party inspection certificate if required. Contact us with your enquiries.

Pre-Conditioning & Film Protection for Sea Water Applications
We are available to pre-condition your brand new, newly repaired or refurbished shell and tube heat exchanger or cooler. Our pre-conditioning process creates a pre-instalment film protection, which guards against premature failure, erosion and improves longevity for your shell and tube heat exchangers.

Refurbishment & Re-tubing | On-Board & On-Site
Our experienced servicing Division provides a complete re-tubing service for all types of shell and tube heat exchangers. We use materials to original specification, utilizing procedures and machinery specifically developed here at ASPIRE.
Units can be completely re-tubed to original specification or higher. Tube plates, baffles and shells are also replaced when required. Work can be undertaken in our works, on-site or on-board vessels to meet your requirements.

Spare Parts for Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Coolers & Condensers
We carry a large selection of spares, complete units and exchange units which are available for many types of heat exchangers. Ex-stock and obsolete spares can be fabricated from drawings, patterns or survey on your site.
We have a large selection of tubes in a variety of materials, sizes and types, available in plain, Intergron and ā€™Uā€™ tubes.
All tubes come with full material certification.